Keep LIVING with an Injury

Injuries f***ing sux! I have defintely had more than my fair share over the years, and although most of the time they make me want to rip my bloody hair out (or punch someone), I have also learnt how to deal with them and keep on living.

I have only just recently been discharged from physio, after 6 long months of treatment and rehab, and I’m still not 100%, but on the bright side there is still so much I can do. This post is a bit of a shout out to my girl Lucy, over at Monday Hustle! Lucy recenlty snapped her achilles, OUCH, and is in a cast and is experiencing those amazing (actually shit) feelings we all get when we can’t do what we want.

Injuries not only break us physically, but also mentally. If you are one of the lucky few who haven’t had to deal with a major injury then I am envious (please tell me your secret, but don’t say it’s not stepping in the ring and throwing punches), then you may not know how much of a mindf*** it really is. You honestly feel like your world is crashing down. Depending on what you have done, there can be so many limitations.

You can’t workout the way you want to.

You can’t drive your damn self.

You can’t even make yourself dinner.

Walking to get the mail? That’s too difficult, wait who cares it’s probably just bills.

Your eating goes out the window, because for some reason your mind decides it can eat whatever the hell it wants because you’re not exercising….uh news flash this might be a good reason to eat better.

And so many more things that I would rather not remember.

But being injured can have it’s silver linings, and I know they are extremely hard to see when all of this is happening to you, but it is what we focus on that makes all the difference. Our immediate reaction is to think of all the things we CAN’T do, when really our mind would be so much healthier if we looked at all the things we CAN do! So here are my tips of how you can keep living with an injury, how you can still continue to improve yourself on a daily basis even if you can’t run to the toilet when you need to.

Number one: You can still workout! Injured your leg? Good news you still have an upper body that would love to workout (or vice versa). I currently have a client who has an injured arm, has that stopped her? No! Instead she is in her working on cardio, lower body, and core. One benefit she is getting killer legs from all those squats. No matter the injury, there are still things you can do, if you are unsure on what these things are then seek help from a professional.

Number two: Focus on your nutrition. Eating right will not only make you look amazing, and feel amazing, it will also help your injury heal faster. Give me more fruit and vegetables I say! Make sure you are getting a good amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, so your amazing body can do it’s thing and heal.

Number three: Mental fitness and taking time out for you. Health and fitness is so much more than working out and eating healthy. This injury may be a blessing in disguise, it may be time for you to slow down and give focus to other areas of your life. Use this time to work on training your mental fitness.

  • Take up meditation, there are tons of guided meditations you can use on YouTube and apps to get you started.
  • Read a series of books; go on take some time out for you, put your feet up and indulge in a magnificent story.
  • Chase your goals: Do you have a goal to write a book, start a blog, or anything else creative? Use this time to work on that. You could even start my blogging about your road to recovery.
  • Netflix: This may be one time where you don’t need to feel guilty about watching that whole series in a day. The doctor did say bed rest was best!

A real quick summary is that yes injuries do sux, but they happen, they are a part of life and sometimes life gets in the way, but when you have a strong mental game and you look at the positives there is always things you can still do. Don’t let an injury set you back, let it help you explore new things. Let it help you become mentally tough so the next time it happens (touch wood it doesn’t), you are prepared and it doesn’t mindf*** you. Here’s to living with injuries and still getting shit done.


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