2017 Come At ME!


It is that funny time of year, you know that gap between Christmas and New Year’s when all the days merge together and you don’t really know what you are doing with yourself. It is a time where we spend more time with friends and family, a time where we might get some time away from work, a time where we possibly go on adventures and travel away on holiday, or a time where we drink too much piss which results in seeing 2016 out with a massive bang. For a lot of people it is also a time of reflection and planning.

Not going to lie, this past week after reflecting on the year that has been I have felt a bit lost. This is down to a couple of things which you can read about in a previous blog post – Goodbye 2016 and also from having no set routine. Work is at different times, training is all over the place, a family member is in hospital, and I am seriously counting down the days, if not hours, until 2017 hits – and I am super excited for when it does, because I promise you this is going to be a BIG year.

I am not about to sit here and write about how you should reflect back on your year, or how you should set yourself up for the year to come, because who am I to tell you how to live your life? It is your life and I want you to do whatever is right for you. But this post is more about how we can all move forward into the New Year, how we can all put those stupid things called New Year’s Resolutions behind us and actually achieve our goals and make 2017 the best year yet!

Here is an extract from one of the books I am working on that will show you what this method is all about…


You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Once you have set some amazing goals, you are going to have to make changes to achieve them. Some of these changes can be quite scary, but they are the ones that make you into a stronger person. It is these challenging changes that define who we are. 

There is one time of the year where most people set out good intention of all the changes they are going to create, only to fall off the bandwagon a short while after, and that is New Years.  Everyone has done it, you set NY resolutions and you start off with a bang, only to fizzle out a few days later (if you’re lucky), some people don’t even make it through the first day, because they celebrated a bit too hard the night before. Why do these resolutions not stick? Because we are trying to do too much! We are setting ourselves up for failure. We are almost asking ourselves to wake up and be an extremely different person. We hope that we will wake up on the 1st January and everything will be different, all these changes will start taking place. News flash – January 1st is not some magical date, it is not a time when everything just changes with the flip of a calendar. Unless you are starring in Freak Friday or something similar, I’m sorry to tell you this just isn’t realistic. 

The way to make changes stick for a lifetime is to use the One Change Method. I have seen this method be applied over and over agin with my personal training clients, and it works every single time. So what is it? 

The one change method is where you pick one thing at a time to focus on, and you start getting to work on it straight away. You may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but it really takes about 90 days to turn that habit into a lifestyle. Imagine trying to change 10 different things all at once for a whole 90 days, some people struggle just to not drink coffee upon waking up! With the one change methong you take that one things you have chosen, the most important thing right now, and then you focus on it until it becomes a habit. Some things will take longer than others, so I’m not going to give you a set timeframe, but work out what works best for you. 

For example; Let’s take someone who has the goal of losing 10kg within a 6 month period. This goal is definitely realistic and they have identified the changes they need to make in order to achieve it. These things include training at least 3x weekly, drinking more water, and adding more fruit and vegetables to their daily food intake. They have decide to start by going to the gym 3x weekly, so this is the main thing they focus on. Ticking off 3 sessions every week until it has become a habit. Once they have made this into a lifestyle change they move onto the next thing and so on. 

This isn’t to say that why you are focusing on that one thing you totally ignore the others, it just means you don’t beat yourself up when you go off the trail, as long as you stick to your main focus point. There are not many things in this world that work for absolutely everyone. A food plan and exercise program need to be tailored to meet an individual’s needs, but the One Change Method will work no matter who you are. 

Phew…time to take a breath, I feel like this post may have rambled on but I honestly believe this method will help you achieve every single one of your goals when it is used properly. So to end off here are a few of the points I am working on in 2017…A few of the points I have set specific goals for and broken down…


  • More kickboxing fights
  • More giving back
  • More valuable time with friends and family
  • More travel
  • More self-awareness
  • More learning
  • More career opportunities
  • More love
  • More, more, more….





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