11 Struggles of a ‘fit’ girl

Hitting the gym, throwing back smoothies, chugging on water, sporting all the lastest fitness gear, checking out your booty gains in every mirror you see, and crunching on rabbit food can all be fun (let’s be honest, I eat more bacon), but being a ‘fit’ girl also brings with it a few ‘struggles’….

Now don’t get your knickers in a twist (this is one of our struggles) over this post and say we don’t know the definition of a real struggle, because this is all for a bit of a laugh, and to try make us feel like we’re not the only ones who go through this. Here are 10 struggles of a ‘fit’ girl….

  1. Getting a sports bra off after a workout is like your auditioning for the circus, you have to bend your arms and shoulders in ways that you didn’t even know was possible….On another note, have you tried putting one on after getting out of the shower = death.
  2. Getting your cardio in by running to the toilet every 2 minutes. You drink so much water to cleanse your body, keep hydrated, and to help your recovery that you’re forever making a quick dash to the toilet…like seriously I just put my pants back on.
  3. You have the wrong knickers on when doing squats, which results in giving yourself an awful wedgie or you just keep getting your knickers in a twist.
  4. Having to bend over in every changing room when you’re buying new tights to check if they are see-through. I mean you have a nice bum, but you are wearing tights for a reason, come on people let’s make tights without the transparency.
  5. Having to put your hair up into a pineapple on top of your head. I guess you could solve this struggle by cutting your hair short, but f*** that. You know things are about to get serious when her hair is the home of Spongebob Squarepants. Having hair in your face when hitting those double unders is hella annoying.
  6. Again on the hair front, when hair ties snap!!! Do you know how many hair ties we go through in a year, let alone a month?
  7. Hungry, hungry, hungry….You’re going to the gym to smash some awesome goals and your body just wants more and more food! You feel like all you do these days is eat. (Not to panic you’re appetite does increase when working out, you won’t turn into a hungry, hungry, hippo).
  8. Leaving the gym you realise you don’t have any food at home that is suitable for your post workout meal, so you decide to stop and pick some stuff up on the way home, only thing is you look like you’ve been put through the wringer. You are drenched in sweat, possibly smell, have hair sticking to every part of your body, and you possibly look like you pissed yourself (because of all the sweat). So there is no stopping happening here.
  9. Music can be your best friend when working out, but if those damn headphones fall out all hell breaks lose. Having those things flapping in your face when running, or trying to push out just one more rep is frustrating as hell.
  10. Washing…everytime you do your washing you think to yourself ‘Do I own any normal clothes?’ The washing line is filled with sports bras, leggins, singlets, socks, socks, and more socks.
  11. The sweat just doesn’t seem to stop. You smash a workout and are dripping in sweat, and all you can think about is having a nice cold shower to feel clean agin, but you step out of the shower and you’re still sweating……

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