Back to Basics…

The health and fitness industry is full of ass****s! I bet you didn’t think you would hear someone in the industry say that, but there I did and I fully stick to my statement. Why? Because it is the people within the industry that are feeding you so much CRAP! Not literally feeding you food, but the information being provided is s***. Everyone is saying different things, promoting different stuff, and sending the most confusing message that has ever been sent. You could google search health and fitness and be hit with millions and millions of articles (don’t quote me on a number, because I won’t waste my time looking at them all), the point is that all this information is saying something different. It is no wonder we are getting fatter, and sicker worldwide. People don’t know what to do anymore, so this post is all about getting back to the basis, because the basics work. Here are four tips on how you can take it back and start improving your health straight away.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Get It Wrong                                                                                                                         I swear I sound like a broken record saying this ‘Eat more fruit and vegetables’, but I say it because mother nature doesn’t get it wrong. The problem isn’t that we are eating too much food, it’s that we are eating too many ‘food like’ products, you know all those things stacks on the supermarket shelves with a massive list of so call ingredients. Get back to eating fresh fruit and vegetables and your body will thank you for it. You will have more energy, you will feel better, you will sleep better, you will look better, and your insides will be working like magic. I aim to eat fruit and/or vegetables with every single meal I have, I know at first people can think this is a hard feat but it actually becomes super easy, so give it a go.

Drink More Water                                                                                                                                                     This point is really basic and we all know we should be drinking water as I primary drink, but how much do you drink? Is it as simple as dirnking 8 cups a day like the media goes on and on about? No, it is even simplier than that. You can’t tell me that every single person in this world needs 8 cups of water per day for optimal health. That is almost the same as saying a tree and a pot plant need the same amount of water. Picture a 4 year old girl standing next to her dad who is a bodybuilder, you can picture the difference in size right? Do you think these two people need to drink 8 cups of water? One of them definitely needs a lot more than the other. The amount of water we need depends on our size, our genetics, our activity levels, and what we are eating so rather than focusing on how you are drinking, take note of what your urine looks like. This is the most simplist way to ensure you are getting enough water. If it is yellow, then you are dehydrated and need to drink water stat, you don’t want it to be getting to this point, instead you want your wee to be long and clear every time you go to the toilet. So here’s to having long clear wee everytimes.

Move Your Body                                                                                                                                                           All movement is beneficial for your body, even having a dance party in your room when no one is home. Shake that booty, I know you want to! Exercise and moving you body can be really simple, but unfortunately somewhere along the lines this simplicity got lost. We want to aim to move our body as much as possible. This doesn’t always have to be through planned exercise, all the incendital movements counts, such as; taking the rubbish out, gardening, cleaning the house, walking, and so much more. When it comes to planned exercise, or working out, then you want to do what is right for you. Find something you love to do and stick to it, there are so many options out there from kickboxing, to crossfit, to group fitness classes, to personal training, to boot camps, to weight training and so on and so on. So find something you love, don’t just go by what someone else says, because what works for them won’t work for every other individual on the planet.

Enjoy Sleep                                                                                                                                                              Sleep is so important, not only for our body but also out soul. Sleep is when our body works its cute little butt off to repair itself, sleep is where we get our best rest and recovery. Now here is another myth that is slammed across the media ‘you need 8 hour of sleep per night’. ZZZZZZZ. This is where you listen to your body. We are all so different in what we need. Some people get by on less sleep, and some people need more. Rather than focusing on the hour number, focus on how you feel. Do you wake up in the morning with plenty of energy, or do you wake up and smack that snooze button again-and-again? If you are the first option then awesome, keep doing what you are doing. However if you are the second option, take a look at what is causing this. Do you need to go to bed earlier? Do you struggle to fall asleep because you have been using something with a bright light before trying to get some shut eye? Are you having caffiene before going to bed, and this is making you wired? Take a good look at all the things you are doing before your head hits the pillow and then make changes where they need to be made. Enjoy your sleep, enjoy the time you have to shut your eyes and dream.



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