Long Haul Flights: Make That S*** Work for You!

Recently I read a post that was 30 things to do on a long haul flight and it was absolutely s***. Why? Because it was filled with crap that is only going to set your jetsetting holiday off to a negative start, but silver lining, it gave me the idea to write this post. I have been a frequent flyer to America and I have a long ass flight coming up as I head off to Costa Rica (EXCITING!!!!), so I thought I would share some real tips on how to deal with a long haul flight and get the most out of the time you spend up in the air.

Drink Lots of Water                                                                                                                                                  Yes, I know this can be a pain because you will probably be getting up to use the bathroom so often (but bonus, this means you won’t cramp up because you will be moving around), but it definitely has it’s benefits. Drinking lots of water will help with jet laf when you touch down on the other side, it will also help keep your skin glowing while you are in the air rather  than landing and feeling all dried out. Another thing it will help with is reducing muscle cramps, that I know we experience when trying to contort our bodies to get comfortable.

Work Towards Your Goals                                                                                                                                       You know that goal you’ve been putting off because you apparently don’t have time, well guess what, now you have a crap load of time. If you have always wanted to write a book then make sure you take a journal and a pen, or even your laptop and use this time to brainstorm or start the writing process. Use the time to design and plan the business you have always wanted to start. Write a bucket list, set some new goals, whatever your goal is make some moves to achieve it.

Read                                                                                                                                                                                     Go on, use your time in the air to be a book worm! Reading is a great way to relax, and work on your personal development. Are there any books you have been dying to read but haven’t yet found the time? Grab them and bring them along for the ride. If you have an e-reader device then you can download and take as many books as you want without having to carry around extra luggage.

And the last one isn’t sooooo productive, but it can be fun…

Binge Watch     Hell most of us have managed to watch a Netflix series in a day so what are you complaining about. Find something you haven’t seen before and binge watch the s*** out of it. Better yet, don’t check the time until you’ve finished a series haha.



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