There is no one perfect workout plan!

There is no one perfect workout, a workout that will suit every single persons needs just doesn’t exist. Just like there is not a perfect food plan that will suit everyone (but this is an entirely different blog post).

Lately my training has done a 360 degree turn. Earlier I was doing a split weights program, kickboxing daily, sparring weekly, and running every second day, because my goals where 100% focused on fighting, but since I have a major injury that isn’t going away I have had to change my plan A LOT! This is because what I was doing is no longer in line with my immediate goals, in fact I’m not even able to run since getting this injury. I never thought I would say this but I MISS RUNNING!!!

Before I was training to be a Muay Thai fighter, and although this is something I’m still training towards my main focus in to rehab my achillies to being as strong as it possibly can be. These are drastically different goals, so you can see why they would need different programs to be achieved, and this is my point exactly….there is no one perfect workout plan. 

Even if there are two people with the exact same goal, there programs may have to be different. Why? Because we are not all the same! There are things such as genetics, medical history, injuries, and experience that need to be looked at. All these things contribute to how your program should be designed. 

We all workout for different reasons, most of us get into working out to look good but it becomes so much more than that. I really dislike these gyms you walk into and get handed a generic workout plan for weight loss, or to run your first marathon, or to get that ‘bikini’ body (what is this anyway? If you want a bikini body then get a bikini, put it on and rock it!). These generic program are a good idea because they are easily accessible, BUT they are not going to suit every single person. Let’s look at a weight loss program quickly to give you a clearer idea. 

Weight loss is the goal for both Peter and Jane so they both pick up their generic program from the gym and get to work. Both people stick to the program 100%, yet only one of them see the result they want. Why? Because no one has taken the time to find out about either of them! Weight loss is so much more than a generic program, in order to achieve this we need a program that is designed to meet our needs exactly (as well as good nutrition, and a kick ass mindset). When designing a program there are a few things I like to consider, including…. 

  • How many times per week you can train
  • How much time you are willing to dedicate to training
  • Previous training expereince
  • Medical history and injury history

Make sure that when you are starting a workout program that it is made to suit your needs, because if it doesn’t suit you it will become something that fizzles out and doesn’t get done. Talk to a qualified professional, and be picky about who you talk to, there are a lot of ‘cowboy’ trainers out there. 








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