5 Kick Ass Reasons You Should Strength Train!

Strength training will more than likely be a massive part of your health and fitness journey. In fact strength training is the one and only constant I prescribe to every single client I train. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, strength training has its benefits. And ladies please don’t freak out, you will not get big and bulky….in fact quite the opposite will happen (but we will bust that myth on another day and in another post). Today let’s just take a quite look at 5 kick ass reasons you should strength train.

  1. You will shred fat. Lifting heavy weights (notice I said heavy…put those pink 2kg dumbbells down and start challenging yourself) is ultimately what is going to change your body shape. It will give you more muscle definition and help you obtain your healthy body. 
  2. You will burn more calories while resting.  While it is true that you can burn a lot of calories during a cardio workout, when you lift heavy weights you not only burn them during the workout, but also after. Lifting weights means you build lean muscle, and the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn while sitting on your backside. Don’t know about you but I think that is one kick ass reason to lift some iron. 
  3. Mentally stronger. Everyone I train says they feel empowered after smashing out a weights workout. A lot of women come to me and they have never done weights before, and yes they can be a little hesitant before their first session (who isn’t when you are stepping outside your comfort zone), but as soon as they finish it is like a 360 mindshift has taken place. Everyone notices that they don’t just become physically stronger, but also mentally stronger.  
  4. Improves flexibility. Full range resistance exercises can boost your flexibility just as well as a static stretching routine. Remember I said full range, so don’t half-ass those squats, drop it low to get the full benefits and to build that booty. 
  5. Stronger bones. Weight training will help you prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, this is because it makes your bones stronger. And you are never too old to start lifting weights. Research has shown that lifting weights can also help reverse the effects of these bone diseases.

So what are you waiting for…give the blog a comment or like and then schedule in your next weights session. Or if you have never done weights before then consult a professional to help get you started. You can email us at info@fitdynamics.co.nz to get your very own personalised program.


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