Quotes to make 2017 THE BEST YEAR YET!

I have said over-and-over again that 2017 is going to be my best year yet, and I would love for it to also be yours! We are already into the second month, where has that time gone? I know it has gone fast but rather than freaking out about it, get bloody excited about the next 10 months we still have to come. 10 months! That is more than enough time to conquer the world (or achieve all those amazing goals of yours). One of the ways you can make this your best year yet (and it is how I plan on making mine amazing as well), is to live on the positive side of life. Live by this amazing small collection of quotes group right here in the blog post. Warning – these quotes can change your life, and they will change your life if, and when you choose to put them into action.

So lights, camera, action….


‘This is your life – star in it’ 

Start thinking of your life as your very own Blockbuster film. You are the main actor/actress. You are the one who gets the happy ending, but you are also the one directing everything that happens in your film. You are in charge of your own destiny, go out there and get it. Choose to be the main actor in the film that is your life!

‘There is no tomorrow’ 

Make a pact with yourself right now, that you will stop saying you will do it tomorrow. Because tomorrow never comes. All we have in the present moment. All we have is right now. Rather than saying tomorrow, start chasing your dreams today, right this very instant. Live in the now!

‘Be better than the person you were yesterday’ 

Make 2017 the year you stop trying to be better than everyone else. Trying to achieve this only makes us miserable, and we feel like we never measure up. The only person you should be trying to beat, is the person you were yesterday. Imagine if every single day you woke up with this aim. Imagine if every single day you improve that little bit more. Imagine every thing you could achieve. Imagine the person you would become by doing this. Look in the mirror – that is your competition.

‘I am unapolegitically my true, authentic self’ 

I will never know the answer to why so many of us are walking around trying to be something we are not. Do you not what stands out in todays world? Someone who is 100% themselves. Someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Love yourself, love your flaws, be yourself no matter who you are around. And never once this year, apologise for being your true, authentic self.

‘Love your body and it will love you back’ 


This quotes is related to mindset, fitness, and nutrition (not a coincedence that these are the three sections of my upcoming book). Stop beating yourself up. I would love to throw a percentage number in here, but I don’t have any facts to back it up but hey here goes…..99% of us are bullies! Yes you may not bully other people but I guarentee you have bullied yourself at some point or another. You know that time you looked in the mirror and said everything you wanted to change….you bully! You know that time you stuffed your face with crap food, even though you were saying over and over that you didn’t want it….bully! That time you skipped your workout because you just couldn’t be bothered…bully! Imagine if the day you were going to achieve your dream, your body just couldn’t be bothered and it stopped working. That would f***ing suck! Start showing your body more love this year. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, focus on the things you love, nourish your body with good foods and water, and get more movement. Love your body and it will show you a whole lot of love back.




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