They see me rollin’ (Foam Roller Benefits)


Foam rolling isn’t somthing I have always done, in fact until I started with my strength and conditioning coach it was something I only did when I was sore. These days I use it all the time. I use it before lifting weights, I use it before a Kickboxing sessions, I use it when I need self-massage. I even take it to events, like Stadium Stomp (which my members are competing in this weekend) and roll out afterwards. As well as using it myself, I have run foam roller workshops for my members, posted videos about it, and more. Why? Because this little piece of equipment is an absolute gift when it comes to training. Not only does it reduce the pain afterwards, but it has many benefits when performed before a workout.

Here are four benefits to get you rolling…

  1. Increased Range of Motion: Foam rolling will make you drop it low. Yes that booty is going to get lower during your squats, so it can get more gains. Foam rolling helps to lengthen your muscles, meaning you get a better range of motion during exercise. Having a higher ROM (range of motion) produces more results during a workout so make sure you befriend your roller before hitting those weights. 
  2. Increased Blood Flow: Foam rolling increases the blood flow into your muscles. which improves the delivery of oxygen during your session. Rather than getting all scientific, let’s just say this will produce amazing results.
  3. Reduce Muscle Tension: You know those days where you curse your trainer because you can’t sit on the toilet, well foam rolling can help all of that. Foam rolling will help release the tension in your muscles, meaning you will be able to walk after a gruelling leg session (or at least walk better than if you hadn’t rolled haha).
  4. Decreases Recovery Time: There are workouts that can leave you legless for 4-5 days, but this can be fixed with a foam roller. The recovery time needed  is dramatically reduced when you roll. Now I’m not saying that foam rolling is a substitute for recovery, but it is a vital part of the puzzle. Rolling will not only make your recovery period shorter but it will increase the benefits you receive.

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