Health & Fitness Bucket List


Over the weekend some of my amazing members took on the challenge of completing one of there goals, and that was to complete Stadium Stomp. They all smashed it, doing amazingly well, and now they have that since of accomplishment from ticking something off their list. And this event got me to thinking about bucket lists.

Bucket lists can be used to log and track everything you want to do with your life. Places around the world you want to explore. Goals you wish to achieve. Events you want to attend, and so much more.

Most people view a bucket list and something they want to achieve before they die, and therefore it signifys your life coming to an end. However I think a bucket list is more like a Life List, it is the things you do that really give you life. They fill you up. They inspire not only you, but all those around you. They are challenges that make you a better person. They are things you are passionate about, and because we are passionate about health and fitness we thought it would be an awesome idea to create a health and fitness bucket list.

I am slowly working on my own list as I think about more and more things I would love to achieve when my injury comes right, but as for the time being I have a short list of things that I can start ticking off even with the injury. These include;

  • Taking up yoga
  • Lifting cetain weights for squats, deadlifts, bench press etc
  • New personal best for pull ups
  • Mastering a handstand – then being able to do handstand walks and push ups

There is honestly so many things you can add to your health and fitness list, so where do you start? Grab out a pen and paper, or journal, or create a list on your phone. We have listed a whole heap of ideas below to help you get started.


What events would you like to compete in? There are so many different events around, thay I am sure there is at least one everyone can find. Do you want to complete a half or full marathon? Do you want to test your limits in a Cross Fit event? Do you want to be challenged by a triathlon or obstacle course? If there is one type of event you are drawn to, such as obstacle courses, then what are all the different ones you want to do? Are there some in different countries you would love to do?


Are there any exercise movements you would love to do able to do, but currently can’t? Do you want to be able to master a handstand like me? Or do you want to be able to do the splits? Learn how to do double under skipping? Do you want to be able to bust out some serious pull ups like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider?


If you already lift weights then you know how empowering it is to keep smashing out those numbers, if you don’t then get started! What weight do you want to be able to squat a certain weight? Deadlift? Bench press? Lunge?


There are so many different ways to explore health and fitness, so what adventures do yo want to take? Do you want to run the great wall of China? Climb Machu Picchu? Hike the Tongariro Crossing? Explore bush walks? Learn paddle boarding? Kayak to Rangitoto Island and back? Learn to rock climb?

Learn New Things 

Health and fitness is so much more than exercise, so are there any new things you want to learn? Do you want to go vegetarian? Learn how to make raw treats? Go to a kettlebell workshop? Learn how to run properly?

What is the number one thing on your health and fitness bucket list?


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