Ditch the Scales

So often we let the number on the scales determine our mood. It is like this silly number has the ability to make or break someone. Jump on the scales and see a number higher than what you thought you would, and your whole world comes crashing down around you. On the other hand you see a number lower than you expected and it’s time to call all your friends and celebrate. This is no way we should be living our lives. Our health and wellbeing is determined by so much more than that number that shows up on the scales, in fact if I was you I would throw those scales out the window and measure my health and fitness in a much more positive way.

Ditch the scales and start using these things to determine your health…

 How are you feeling?

You know your body better than anyone else, you know if it’s feeling fit and healthy, or tired and sluggish. Judge your health by the amount of energy you have, the way you are sleeping, your moods, and overall your general wellbeing.

Your clothes

We all have our favourite black dress, or jeans that fit oh so well. Use these as a measurement of how you are progressing. If those jeans are becoming a bit tight then you know you need to make some changes.


The scales don’t tell you the truth! The scales can’t determine what is fat and what is muscle, all they do is tell you a number and expect that number to determine your health. A much better way to track your progress is to get your measurements taken, and then take them roughly every four weeks. These measurements tell you a much better story about what is happening with your body.


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