What I Eat in a Day – Issue #1

A lot of people ask me what I eat in a day, they ask me because I’m a personal trainer, they ask me because I eat to conpete in Kickboxing, and they are asking me even more now because I eat LCHF (low carb high fat). I find this question really hard to answer, because most of my days are really different. I am luckly in the sense that I currently work from home, this allows me to have extra time to cook meals and play around with food, so rather than writing one post about what I eat I will write a series so you can see what different days look like.


Right now my food is a little hit and miss, in the fact that I am playing around with a lot of different things creating recipes for my upcoming book, and I am also getting fully into LCHF, but no matter what I have a few guidelines I stick to no matter what.

  1. Eat fruit and/or vegetables with every meal: No matter what meal it is; breakfast, lunch, dessert, I always make sure I have at least one serving of fruit and/or vegetables. These days it is a lot more vegetables as I am watching the sugar intake more closely, but I still have 1-2 servings of fruit daily.
  2. Water is the primary drink: Everyone should make this a rule, not just a guideline. I drink on average 3L of water per day. I pretty much have a drink bottle attached to me, and it makes me feel so good! If I have a day where I shy away from water for whatever reason, then I definitely know about it – I experience that 3pm slump, I get moody, tired, and sometimes headaches. So as a rule I drink water all the time to keep me on those positive vibes.
  3. Eat when hungry: So many people live their lives eating on a very strict schedule, and I get that you have to do this for some competitions etc, but it is no way to live your life! I use to work with someone who would be starving but wouldn’t eat because it hadn’t been 3 hours since their last meal. F*** that! Eat when you’re hungry, and eat to meet those hunger needs.

Right, now that we have established my daily rules let’s take a lot at what I consumed today.

I generally have a long day, I wake up at 5-530am and then go to bed about 10pm. I do a lot of differently activities during the day, so I break my food up into 5 meals to keep me sustained and energised throughout it all.

BREAKFAST: This is generally my biggest meal of the day. I take my time to cook something and sit down and enjoy it. The only time I break this is when I have a jammed packed morning of Personal Training sessions, and then I’ll swap this out for a smoothie, or chia pudding.

Streaky bacon, 2 eggs with pepper, 1 mini avocado


SNACK: Whipped cream with chocolate protein powder and 3T fruit salad

LUNCH: Homemade vege pizza

SNACK: Green smoothie (water, kale, pineapple, 1/2 banana, coconut oil, greens powder)

DINNER: Lamb chop with vegetables (I always have some form of protein with vegetables. I tend to stay away from starchy veges at night).

LIQUID: 1 glass water with juice from 1/2 lemon (every morning). I glass Daily Organics Kombucha and 3L water.


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