Feature: Megs and Soph


I don’t know where to begin…..I love following these two amazing ladies on social media, and I absolutely loved connecting with them for this blog post, both of them made me want to pack my bags and head off to meet them (maybe smash out a fitness session together). Both Meg and Soph are NZ athletes competing in their choosen sports. While Megs is smashing it out at Squash, Soph is on the water rowing, and we love watching both their journeys unfold. Being athletes Megs and Soph fuel their bodies with some of the most amazing food you are look at, their foodie pictures definitely have us drooling over here. Not only do we love watching their journey, and seeing all that good food, but we also love the fitness challenges they post on Facebook – competing not only with each other, but anyone who wants to join in. Find out more about them here….

What do you love about Squash? 

Megs: There’s so many things I love about squash, where do I start it’s the best game in the world haha. First of all the physical side, I don’t think there has ever been a time I’ve stepped off court without sweating. I can keep learning, improving and pushing myself to a new level each time I step on court which is pretty cool. Secondly the people; squash is quite a tight knit Community and I am very grateful to have been a part of it from a young age. Although we are all very competitive on court, we also know how to have a good time and it’s just as much about the social side as the squash itself. Lastly the places it has taken me. I have travelled all over the show to some incredible and some not so incredible places and play the game I love. It also took me to Cambridge a few years back for a spontaneous squash training session and was when Soph and I started our journey together so I’m very grateful for that trip!


What do you love about rowing? 

Soph: I love the feeling of being completely in the zone, letting the boat glide along the water and the movements feels effortless. Its like a form of meditation doing the exact same movement over and over again like you have no worries in the world. plus it’s taken me round the world and I’ve trained on some pretty spectacular lakes and went to the Olympics bit of a dream come true!


What does health mean to you? 

Megs: My health is definitely important to me. I think being an athlete has really shown me how important it is to fuel my body well, rest when I need too (still working on this one), sleep lots, and take the opportunity to live a normal life sometimes. If something is out of whack then I find everything kind of falls to pieces a bit.

Soph: Health is being in total balance something I am constantly trying to seek. Its physical – getting fit, strong and bendy and the one I find the easiest to do most days. Then theres mental and emotional which some days are great others not so great but finding and doing what makes me happy is such a huge part of it, also relaxation and taking time out is a bigger and honestly one of the hardest especially in this modern day. Social is another aspect and thats making time for family and friends, having a laugh and indulging a little bit. I don’t know what I’d do without megs to keep me sane but also make me laugh at myself, sometimes I think I definitely take things to seriously so she’s always refreshing.

What is your favourite inspirational quote? 


Soph: I have sooo may its hard to choose…. I guess the one I like to say most in my yoga classes at the moment is “dont move the way fear makes you move. move the way love makes you move. Mov the way joy makes you move.” – Osho


Favourite workout track? 

Megs: Everything Ed Sheeran 😍

Soph: Seriously megs and I are twins, always obsessed with Ed too. When I want some boost I listen to Beyonce, never fails, or to zen out doing yoga then I listen to Hozier or Trevor Hall.

Three people you would love to have dinner with? 

Megs: Right now I could do with a delicious dinner with my yogi soul sisters Soph and Eve and then we would invite Amanda Bisk! That would be a fab night of laughs, crazy yoga moves and lots of food!!

Soph: Megs, Eve and Shannon most definitely all 3 of my best friends around one table or picnic would make for one hilarious, healthy delicious meal and messy dinner!

What are you currently reading? 

Megs: Dr Libby women’s wellness wisdom

Soph: I just finished reading ‘What the fat? Sports performance.’ I listen to a lot of Audio books when I’m walking or bored and just finished Simone Biles one which was awesome love hearing other athletes stories – super inspiring! need some more books recommendations please??!

Favourite way to workout? 

Megs: On the squash court of course, but also getting up in the hills here in Marlborough leaves me feeling like a new women so refreshing!! Plus can’t beat a Megs and Soph workout challenge, knowing that Soph’s up North trying to beat me at the same time really makes me work hard haha were not competitive at all 😂.

Soph: Climbing mountains! think I’m heading out to do the Coromandel pinnacles this weekend can’t wait!

What is your number one throw together meal? 

Megs: Definitely poached eggs, avocado, sauerkraut, and salmon!

Soph: Smoothie bowls!!! may be slightly obsessed, thicker and creamier the better.

Advise for how to make 2017 your best year yet?

Megs: Write down your goals, so you have something in front of you and know where your heading. Then start taking steps to achieve them, they won’t happen by themselves 🙂.
Also stop and enjoy everything even the little things like cuddling your pet, a beautiful blue sky, a hot cup of tea, chatting to your parents or friends. Sometimes we get caught up in this fast paced world and forget about all these small things which are sometimes more important and enjoyable 🙂

Soph: Have FUN. this year for me is about letting myself relax, unwind and enjoy life something easy to do some days and much more difficult others but thats okay. Sharing it with family and friends (megs my life saver and I swear therapist sometimes) are like rocks and lift you up when your down. Finding what makes you happy and Do It again, and again and again. Laugh, eat nourishing but always delicious foods and keep learning!


Find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/megsandsoph/


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