Stop waiting till Monday

10:41am Thursday I wrote a Facebook status…. ‘Last couple of weeks have taught me a lot…and it is time to make some massive changes. Mixed emotions but let’s do this!’

Many of you would’ve experienced feelings similar to these, it could be about weight loss, or your job, or any aspect of your life. Most people have these feelings then they let them out, and they don’t give them a second thought, OR they tell themselves they will start to make these changes on Monday. Why Monday? Is Monday some magical day where the world aligns with all your hope and dreams? Is Monday the day that everyone’s mindset shifts and change is as easy as turning on a light bulb? Sorry to break it to you, but Monday is just another day. Don’t get me wrong it’s a bloody kickass day, but it is not that magical.


Before writing this post I thought to myself ‘give it another couple of days, start all these changes on Monday’. I even thought to myself ‘it’s nearly the beginning of a new month, why not wait and start these changes then’? But I stopped these thoughts and made the post to hold myself accountable. Why? Because I know that waiting till Monday, or waiting for a new month is only pushing me further and further away. Every day we wait is another day where we are taking a step backwards.

If you have a weight loss goal you really want to achieve, but it’s only Thursday and you decide to wait till Monday to start, that’s 4 extra days where you are probably sitting on your ass and eating crap. That’s 4 more days where you are making it harder for yourself.

No matter what day of the week it is, it is a good day to start. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday are all just as magical as Monday. And truth be told, it doesn’t matter what day we start, we are all going to face some setbacks along the way, but it is these setbacks that make us stronger, it is these setbacks that when pushed past give us our biggest results.

Start setting yourself goals, both BIG and small, and start working towards them straight away, no matter what day it is. If you keep waiting for Monday then it will never happen. Here is to me starting to make changes on a Thursday, and no matter what day a setback occurs I will get back up and continue to move forward.

What is something you want to achieve but have been waiting to start? Stop waiting, and start doing!!!


3 thoughts on “Stop waiting till Monday

  1. skylarwalsh says:

    I LOVE this! It’s so easy to keep putting everything off until “Monday,” whether it’s actually Monday or next month or even next year.

    “Start setting yourself goals, both BIG and small, and start working towards them straight away, no matter what day it is.” Yes, yes, yes! Even if your day has already been spent going in the opposite direction, don’t squander the remainder of it. Use what’s left making the changes necessary to work toward your goals.


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