Featured Fav’s – April 2017

Every month I include a little section of all my favourite things for the month, but I decided that from now I this was going to be a feature on my blog rather than the newsletter. Why? Because I want to share all this goodness with so many more people. This month I have only been in New Zealand a couple of weeks, but that definitely didn’t stop me from having a love affair with a few products. Check out what I love below, and find out where you can get yours today….



If you don’t already use this goodness on a daily, then it’s something you need to try. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that has many benefits including; promoting gut health, improved digestion, weight loss, increased energy, cleansing and detoxing, immune support, and more. I must admit it is a bit of an acquired taste at first, but after a while you love it and definitely notice a difference in your body. Daily Organic’s is my absolute fav as it has no nasties added to it, and tastes great. I get my bottles from Naturally Organic in Albany.


If you are on Fitness Dynamics Facebook page then you definitely would’ve seen me post about this before. I love everything about this range from the tagline ‘Be your own kind of beautiful’, to the branding, and all the natural ingredients that are used. I personally use the products; The Sugar Moa, Bit Cheeky, and Vixen but there are also more I would love to try. Look no further for a NZ made product that makes you feel amazing. You can order yours at moabodyrange.co.nz


Who doesn’t like a good pair of fitness tights? These days people wear them even when they are not working out, because they are just that comfy. I hit Dressmart and found a pair of Puma tights that I am absolutely in love with. They are so comfortable, a great fit, and defnitely not sheer (that means you don’t see your undies when bending down). I am seriously considering going back to get them in every colour possible!


I tell you, getting in a killer cardio session without being able to run, skip, jump, do kickboxing or any of that fun stuff has been challenging BUT these battle ropes have been a life saver. If you have these at the gym you train at, make sure you get using them!


Ok so it is getting cold in the land down under, and one way to make you feel all warm inside is to enjoy a hot drink. I have never touched coffee in my life and don’t plan to – yes, I am one of those very few who don’t drink coffee I know. So I went on the hunt to find something else I could enjoy and came across this beauty. It isn’t something I have all he time, but when I want to treat myself I team it up with coconut milk, boiling water, and whipped cream and it is amazing! You can purchase this at your local supermarket.



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