Monthly Review

We all have goals right? And when we have goals we should be measuring them, as this is the only way to tell if we are achieving them. Measurement is one of the steps in SMART goal setting.







One of the ways I love to measure my goals is by doing a monthly review at the end of each month (except this month I did it a few days earlier, because I felt I needed too, and I had just written a blog post about not waiting till next Monday or next month to do something!)

So this post is another of those lifestyle posts. One that isn’t directly related to health and fitness, BUT will definitely help you live a healthier lifestyle, and help you create the life you always wanted. Here is how I review my month….

I have only recently started doing my reviews this way, as I went on a mission to find a life planner that worked for me and came up empty handed. Since then I have made my own planner and am absolutely loving it.

First the review (what’s included)….

  • Highlights: Here is where I jot down all those things that happened this month that I LOVED! All the experiences I never want to forget. It could includes things I have seen, people I’ve met, or any other rad shit that happened that month! This month for me it includes traveling to Costa Rica and Panama, and some pretty spectacular moments!
  • Goal Achieved: No matter how BIG or small a goal is, once it is achieved it goes here and you give yourself a reward. This section allows you to celebrate all that you have achieved, and you can look back and see how far you have come each month.
  • Challenges I had to face: What would life be without a few challenges, right? It is these challenges that make us stronger. It is these challenges that make us a better person. Jot them down, go into as much detail as you want, and write down what they taught you.
  • Financial: I have some pretty big financial goals at the moment in both business and personal aspects, so I made myself a section to jot all these down. Here is where I keep track of certain things such as income, amount in accounts etc.
  • Measurements: If you hadn’t noticed by now, then let me tell you that health and fitness plans a massive role in my life. This is where I take my measurements. I only take them once a month, unless I am preparing for a fight because then I need to know what weight I am at daily. I track my weight, body fat, arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. I am not overly concerned with numbers, but I like to take these measurements so I can see what is happening with my body. How it is being effected by training or dietary changes.
  • New things to try: This section is so much more exciting! Make a list of all the new things you want to try. It could be a new fitness class, a different fruit or vegetables, you may want to take up a new hobby, or learn a new language. Write it all down! Just because you have written it down, doesn’t mean it has to be achieved in the next month, but you can keep coming back to these reviews and revisit them to make a Life List (bucket list).
  • Start, Stop, Continue: Here is where I identify anything I want to start doing next month, for example meditation. Once I have identified these things I add them to my monthly tracker so I can tick them off each day.  Then I take a good look at the month that has been and I write down things I want to stop – this could be anything such as swearing, spending money on unnecessary crap, or eating in the bedroom. Once I have the things I want to stop I either add them to my habit tracker, or I make sure I check in on them regularly so I know what they are and can stay on top of them.
  • Continue: This is where I looked at what worked really well for me that month, the things that helped me achieve my goals. These are the things I want to continue doing. So it could be reading, writing in a journal, saying affirmations, meal prep, absolutely anything that really helped you. These things can also be added to your monthly habit tracker.

After I have reviewed my month I continue to work on what I want to achieve in the upcoming month. I set goals, I full out my monthly tracker and I plan. Remember if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so this is a vital step!

Let me know below what you do yo review your month…and I wish you the best for smashing your May 2017 goals!


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