Feature: Kim and Maree from Motivate Me NZ

Our next blog feature welcomes these two amazing women who are the proud new owners of Motivate Me NZ! If you have been one of the few who hasn’t indulged in social media, or if you are not from NZ then let me give you a little bit of info on what Motivate Me is all about. Motivate Me is an online community that brings women of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds together in a supportive environment. They share recipes, workouts, mindful tips, and help each other not only in the good times but also those times that can be a struggle. Motivate Me is such a refreshing concept, as it removes that tall poppy syndrome we seem to struggle with in New Zealand; rather than women tearing each other down this is a community that is all about lifting each other up. If you want to find out more then make sure you check out all the links at the bottom of this post. I am super excited to see what these two inspiring ladies bring to the community and wish them all the best of luck with their ventures. See what they had to say below…
What does Motivate Me mean to you? And how has it helped you on your journey? 
Kim: For me it’s the support and inspiration the MM ladies give to one another. They are there for every single person with whatever they need.  It has helped me get out and do things I probably wouldn’t have thought I could do and I hope that me getting out there inspires someone else to give something a go too.
Maree: To me it is the inspirational women that share this journey with us. The encouragement and support that Motivate Me generates is so contagious that you can’t help but want to get out there and try new adventures. It has given me the courage to really step outside my comfort zone and know that I have 1000 women behind me saying ‘let’s do this!’
What does health mean to you? 
Maree: A balance with everything food, work, family, exercise and time for yourself, if you can get the mix right then you will feel fantastic, it’s not easy and I am not sure I am there yet but am working on it.
Kim: Now health means balance to me. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle built of food, exercise, sleep and creating a lifestyle you enjoy with people you love.
What is your favourite inspirational quote? 
Kim: Hmm, I have so many. This is a favourite though. ‘Keep your squats low and your standards high’.
Maree: Changes quite regularly but the favourite at the moment is – ‘Do what you can with what you have where you are.’Theodore Roosevelt.
Favourite workout track?
Maree: Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi for some good yelling and making me move.
Kim: Shut Up and Dance. I love the fast beat and always gets me singing and makes me pick up the pace.
Three people you would love to have dinner with? 

Kim: Mike Hosking (I think we have the same dry humor), James Corden (how fun would that be), and Adele (major girl crush – think we’d be hilarious together)!

Maree: Oprah Winfrey (imagine the stories they would go all night), Dr Libby Weaver (so much inspiration and knowledge about how we should be living), and Hilary Barry (so many sides to this amazing lady).


What are you currently reading? 
Maree: Sunniva Holt – The Hustle Life….great reading, inspiring powerful read.
Kim: Not reading any books at the moment, I am constantly reading NZ Trail Runner magazine and NZ Good Health for tips.


Favourite way to workout?                                                                                                                   Kim: If I have a big block of time, run/walk intervals for a minimum of 2 hours or a Crossfit class with lots of deadlifts. And I love Les Mills Body Balance class.

Maree: Ideally a decent walk/run on a beautiful day but if weather and time don’t allow then it’s a Fitness Blender workout at home or a yoga session.

What is your number one throw together meal? 

Maree: Thai green curry, fast and heaps of flavor packed with heaps of veges.                       Kim: Ben Warren’s Be Pure Chicken Cordon Bleu – delicious with a simple green salad and homemade clean mayo.

Kim: Ben Warren’s Be Pure Chicken Cordon Bleu – deliciousness with a simple green salad and homemade clean mayo.


Advice for making 2017 your best year yet?                                                                              Kim: It’s about your journey, no one else’s. Stop with the self judgement, the wheel is well and truly fallen off that wagon cause we love who we are! And surround yourself with people you care about, spend time with those you love and enjoy precious moments with those close to you.

Maree: Listen to your body, take time for yourself..if you can do this it will balance out life. Your goals and decisions will be clearer and more achievable. Remember to tell the people who matter – they do!

Find Motivate Me online… Website  Facebook  Instagram



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