Feature: Krystle – A truly inspirational woman

Drum roll please for this amazing lady…..! You may not know the name yet, but believe me when I say Krystle will be someone you all come to learn and absolutely love. I am teaming up with this amazing lady and we are going to conquer the world…starting with one of our favourite places New Zealand – so watch this space, announcements will be made in the upcoming months.

I first meet Krystle when we were both working in the same gym, and I am so grateful that I have her as a friend. Even though we haven’t been in the same town for year’s we have stayed in contact and supported each other. We have so many passions in common including health and fitness, writing, inspiring people, and helping others achieve their wildest dreams.  Krystle has recently started a blog, and I am loving every post, so please make sure you check the bottom of this post for all her social media details and check it out. See what Krystle has to say below…


Tell us a little bit more about your blog and what you wish to achieve with it? 

I sincerely believe that within each of us is a small seed of our own special greatness. That we all have some bit of brilliance that was meant to be our gift to the world. Inspolifeblog exists to inspire that greatness, and fuel that brilliance.

I labour in love to write ultra-value adding insights that will benefit and empower my readers and provide them with keys to unlock their own personal success and fulfillment.

This is my deep passion and desire – that this blog will INSPIRE your DREAM, EMPOWER your SPIRIT, and give you COURAGE to pursue your best life.

What does health mean to you? 

In short, I consider health to encompass much more than food and exercise. Health is about feeling good and having the energy and physical ability to live the life you are passionate about.

For me that looks like:

  • Eating nutritious food I enjoy that gives me lots of energy throughout the day, helps me fight off sickness and leaves me feeling good.
  • Moving my body in a way that makes me feel happy, strong and empowered.
  • Looking in the mirror and loving who I am, who I am becoming and being proud of my body – the way it looks and what it is capable of.
  • Enjoying a lifestyle that makes me excited to get out of bed and live each day.

What is your favourite inspirational quote? 

At the moment I like this: “Never trade respect for attention”. – Unknown

The world makes it very easy to give up who we are for what we want, to lower our standards and character in order to gain immediate but temporary gratification. You will never win by losing yourself.


Favourite workout track? 

All night by Icona Pop – Bit old school but it really gets me happy lol… and Metallica that gets me amped haha.

Three people you would love to have dinner with? 

I find questions like this really hard! I’d like to say the names of some profound individuals who have changed the course of history etc, however my honest answer would be my family because they all live overseas and I rarely get to see them. My close friends have loved and encouraged me through all the years of my life and I have so much respect for, and my partner who is an incredible cook and such a beautiful human being.

What are you currently reading? 

Jess’s new book! Watch this space folks! (Love it when someone gives me a little plug).

Favourite way to workout? 

I do love a good dance blow out, but if we are being technical, Boxfit, interval training and strength training gets me really happy.

What is your number one throw together meal? 

I am super not creative when it comes to the kitchen. I just do the basics really well. Some steamed broc and carrots with halloumi and a juicy piece of steak or chicken breast cooked to perfection is pretty standard in my house. #salivate!

Advice for making 2017 your best year yet?

Kick fear in the butt! Seriously! Fear will limit your life and rob you of so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. Yes sometimes decisions involve a huge amount of risk and can leave you in the foetal position on the floor in a pool of tears and a world of heartache…but those times are only for a season and being the badass that you are, you will pick yourself up and start over again. There is nothing wrong with that. What would be wrong is never taking those chances and never knowing just how awesome things could have been. Make your days count. Live life on your terms. Know what it is you want and go for it.

Find Krystle on Facebook and her Blog



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