Sick of my shit…

You have probably heard the saying before that social media is only someone’s highlight reel, they only post what they want you to see, and this can be done in real life too. We put on a mask and people think that you have everything together, when really you could be like me right now and be so sick of your shit that you know it is time to really make some changes! So is it too late now to say sorry?

Sorry for what? Sorry that I have been distant, both in person and on social media. My Facebook posting has been pretty crap if I am being honest with you, and I am really missing my routine of sharing workouts, and weekly challenges with everyone. My blog posts were going so well with two a week, but then they became a rarity, which isn’t so bad because I don’t want to bore you with a post that I have written ‘just because’. I am all about providing value people. I am sorry not only to everyone I come in contact with but also myself; because I have been treating my business as a hobby, and I know there is so so so much more that I have to give, and I know that I really can help so many people change their lifestyle for the better. I am also sorry to myself for beating my body up since this bloody achilles injury that happened in May last year – the bad food, the non-existent training, I am sit of it all, it is time to say goodbye to that shit for good.

I am currently writing a journal entry for myself titled ‘Sick of my Shit’ and it goes into a lot more personal detail than what I am willing to share here, but let me take you through the basics so you can see where I am at, how I got here, and how I am going to make damn well sure that I get out of here.


Let me take you back almost a month, where I was enjoying an amazing time in Panama and Costa Rica. Since before I left, and while I was away I was designing all these grand plans on what I was going to do when I returned from Central America, but something threw a spanner in the works. Something I had believed in for approx 7 years was coming to an end, it was something that I had to say goodbye to. It was something that made me feel lost, it made me question every thing. All those personal and business goals came to a bit of a halt as I was so unsure on where I was now heading, in fact I was so unsure on what I had been doing those past few years of my life. Rather than coming home and smashing my goals – taking my business to new levels and getting on top of my injury so I could return to fighting, a whole lot of procrastination, sleeping in, Netflix, and chocolate…wait there was also pizza, took place. And you know where that got me? To this point of being SICK OF MY SHIT!!!

So what exactly is it that I’m sick of?

I am sick of treating business like a hobby. As much as I freaking love what I do, I do run a business and I have some massive goals within the New Zealand health and fitness industry, so it is time to redirect my focus and make shit happen. To give you a bit of an idea I am now currently a small garage gym offering personal training and fitness classes, however after refocusing you will be seeing a lot more coming from Fitness Dynamics including a gym, online coaching, clothing, affiliates, retreats, books, workshops, and more.  Ways I am making this happen is with goal setting, lots of planning, working with experts, knowing why I want to achieve all this, having an amazing support network, and making sacrifices daily to make this all come to life. Make sure you are watching this space so you can see it all unfold. Plus our social media channels will be blowing up again with amazing content including recipes, fitness challenges, workouts, information, and so much more so what are you waiting for….get over there and start following!


Another thing I am sick of it how I have been treating my body. I am not going to lie to you, this achilles injury has had me all kinds of messed up. It is probably the injury that has effected me the most, and I have had knee and ankle surgery. It has made me cry, it has made me mad, it has made me stuff my face, it has made me go running even though I know I really shouldn’t. It even made me give up kickboxing, which is something I HATED doing! This injury made me feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because when people become injured I always tell them to continue focusing on everything they can still do, because at the end of the day it is a mindset thing. This is what I did at first, I didn’t let it get to me, I did everything I was still able to do, but then I cracked. I couldn’t take it anymore! Do you know how hard it is as a personal trainer, someone who f***ing loves fitness, to sit there and watch their clients workout, unable to show them what it is you want them to do…… (No question mark, because it’s really not a question, it’s a statement that said a big f*** you in my direction). It hurt me more than I let on to anyone, in fact in hurt me enough to get to 10kg over my fight weight, although my amazing clients did pick up on it and they supported me like crazy, and for that I am truly grateful. But enough of the pity party, this week I returned to kickboxing, although I have to take it slow and I haven’t thrown my first kick yet (any volunteers on who wants to catch the first one), I am super excited to be slowly getting back into it. To overcome this feeling I am going to do everything in my power to get this injury to 100% again – this involves injury prevention techniques, physio, massage, specialist appointments, rehab exercises, and a super strong mindset. I will be fighting again soon!!!! This will all be achieved through similar methods as my business; goal setting, planning, support, and so much more.

It really is time to make shit happen and make 2017 the best freaking year yet!!!! Since making this decision there are already new and exciting things happening, and I can’t wait to see where it all leads to. Is there anything shit that you are sick of? If you are write about it, talk about it, let it out, and then f***ing do something about it!!!! And if you have been following the 100 day challenge I am doing on Facebook then you will notice that it is going to get kicked up a notch!


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