Featured Fav’s -May 2017

Holy crap June is nearly here! In fact it’s least than 24 hours away, where did those 4 months go??? But never fear, the end of each month always brings a post about my favourite things for the month, and May is no different, so see what I have been crushing on the past 31 days.


If you are over on our Instagram or even Facebook you would’ve seen me posting about the I AM CO subscription box that I absolutely love!!! Every month a box of amazing health products turn up along with recipes, yoga move of the month and more. I love this box because it is packed with so many products I already love, as well as products I have never tried before and they end up becoming my favourite of all time (and possibly feature on this list). Find out more here.



Now here are one of those awesome products that I discover in the I AM CO boxes. This month we got to try Blue DInosaurs brand new flavor Banana Bread. Now to be honest I had never even seen these bars before, but it was a major battle to not just rip the wrapper off and eat it straight away….it didn’t end up lasting till the end of the day. I enjoyed these bars so much that I headed off to my local organic store and bought a whole heap of flavors…again they didn’t last long. I purchase my bars from Naturally Organic in Albany, but make sure you check out their website if you want to know more.


It is funny how our taste buds change. I never ever use to eat Pumpkin, it was one of those vegetables that made me screw my face up, but now I really enjoy it. You really can teach your taste buds to like something. With the colder weather and sickness kicking in soup is a go to meal, and pumpkin soup is definitely one of my favourites. Check out my recent recipe.


Ok, ok I have been rather sick the past couple of days and that has lead to me having time to aimlessly scroll through social media, and although I have always followed this page, I now have a massive love for the no bullshit approach it takes. Clean Eats from a Flithy Mouth posts recipes, amazing nutritional information and more. Yes, she swears a lot but that is who she is and we are all praising authentic people. If you don’t like the swearing then don’t follow, but if you are after some no bullshit info then definitely check out the Facebook page, I promise you won’t regret it!


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