Mindset Makeover: Part 2/2

Welcome back for part 2 (the last part) of our Mindset Makeover blog. If you missed part 1 then I highly recommend you head over and check it out. I was thinking about writing yet another introduction into why mindset was so important BUT if you need a refreshing then also head back over to part 1 and endulge in that intro again. For now let’s check out what the definition of mindset is before dive deep into our next 7 topics….

‘The established set of attitudes held by someone’


When you ask someone how they have been, you often get the answer ‘busy’. But is your busy really worth it?

We all have the perception that we are constantly busy, but what is your busy? While we all have those household and everyday chores, they shouldn’t consume our lives. Majority of people claim being busy as all these things. Change your busy to something productive. We all have goals so get busy pursuing them, and then the next time someone asks how you have been you can say ‘freaking amazing because I am chasing my dreams’.


Fear can have two meanings…..

  1. Fear everything and run
  2. Face everything and rise

I think it is pretty obvious which meaning is more positive and beneficial to take on board. We create our fears in our own minds, and if we create them we can most definitely overcome them. I am not saying that you have to stop being afraid of things, but what you want to do is stop letting your fears dictate what you do. Start facing each of your fears head on and you will be surprised at the outcome. Just like everything, little steps towards the big goal.



The world seems to have become so obsessed with physique, but is it doing you more harm than good?

Think about all these ‘fitspo’ and ‘fitspiration’ images you look at and answer this – are you focusing more on what the person looks like or what the quote of that image is actually saying? My guess is that it’s the image getting the most attention, and while this image may get you short term motivation to go and workout, it also makes you pick out your flaws, as you start comparing yourself to this perfectly photoshopped image.

I am all for having a great physique but it is not something that should consume your mind. Start eating more whole foods, drinking more water, and getting active at every chance you get.

Women want to know how to get a bikini body? Put on a bikini and rock it!


We not only place high expectations on others, we also place them on ourselves. We have to realise that expectations often set us up for failure. We have to also realise that no one is perfect and while we all say we are going to do something that is not always the case – life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes, but make sure this isn’t an excuse.

When expectations aren’t meet, take a chill pill, there may be a very good reason it hasn’t been completed. Or on the up note, when someone does met your expectations make sure you praise them and be grateful. Even reward yourself for meeting your own expectations – just not with food, you are not a dog.


We all want something and we want it NOW! No one wants to wait for something that would be so good to have right now, but this urgency is creating a trap for us all We find we start something, like a new diet or exercise regime and then we fall off the bandwagon. If we want to see results we need to slow down and look at the whole picture, not just the results.

Remember, ‘nothing worth having come easy’. Be patient and break things down into smaller steps. This way, when you have completed a step you have made a result.



Our emotions are a very powerful tool when used right. Learn to listen to your emotions, rather than acting upon them straight away.

Feelings of sad, happiness, fear, sexual energy, or even anger can motivate us to achieve great things.

Fear something? DO it anyway and reap the happiness you get at the end of it!

Angry? Hit your local gym and channel that anger into a hard hitting session on the boxing bag. You will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you will have taken a great step towards living that happy, healthy lifestyle.

Sexual energy? If you don’t have your partner around this is the best time to get to work, you will be buzzing with ideas and energy you can throw into your work.

Start channeling your emotions and use them to motivate you to move forward with your dreams rather than causing an argument.


Most of us are comfortable in our own lives, working a 9-5 job for that same comfortable pay cheque. We go through the same routine everyday – get up, go to work, eat, sleep, and repeat. While being comfortable is definitely no way to live your life, it is usually these ‘comfortable’ things we hate, so why do we keep doing them?

Push yourself into an uncomfortable zone, no matter how big or small, and see yourself grow. Some ways to get uncomfortable; when you next go to the gym, try a new class or venture into the weights room if you’ve never been there before. Volunteer to do a chat at your local school or community group on something you are passionate about. Ditch the people in your life that are bringing you down, and learn to enjoy time alone. Leave that job you hate and set up the business you’ve always dreamed off. Travel the world.


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