Where the F have I been? – The Fitness Dynamics Relaunch


Let’s start off with some hard hitting truths shall we, because when it comes down to it, it is these truths that have made me go a bit awol – I seem to have disappeared from the world of social media, even after announcing my return (shots fired…in my own general direction).

So after doing a little bit (more like a lot) of soul searching, and not the kind where I find my way to the bottom of a bottle of Candian Club, I mean real soul searching – asking myself some deep and meaningful questions, reevaluating where I am at now and where I ultimately want to be. Some soul searching that required a lot of ripped pages in my journal, a lot of oh f*** moments, and a lot of I don’t know how to face this statements – I realised that if I continued to keep doing what I was doing then I would NEVER achieve my goals and dreams – instead they would just continue to be that, goals and dreams. I came to the conclusion that although I FREAKING love what I do, I have been treating my ‘business’ as a hobby and not a business, and this is why I am not where I want to be. Cue the sad moments, the slap in the face, the I shoulda woulda and coulda, and that is where I have been hanging out. BUT from this searching came something amazing, because I have now thrown myself into realunching Fitness Dynamics and making it all that I dreamed it to be. This is the first realunch of Fitness Dynamics, because believe me when I say another one will be coming when the gym opens. So where have I been the last few days???

I HAVE BEEN HITTING THE DRAWING BOARD! The past few days I have been a living and breathing brainstorm as I took to completing the first process of the realunch – the planning phase. Many pieces of paper, many photos, many journal entries, many pins, some string, many to do lists, and a whole lot of of brainpower later I am  happy to announce that the planning phase is complete! This plan is just the needle in the straw of what is to come, but it is definitely an exciting step in this journey (disclaimer this journey will take a couple of months, but I thought I would keep you updated here on the different phases). If you are keen to see where this relaunch is heading then keep checking back in and join in on my excitement.

A quick sneak peak into the 8 different categories I am focusing on in the relaunch

  • Relaunch event
  • Gym
  • Online coaching
  • Events
  • Clothing
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Book published

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