F*** it’s the 1st of August

Today was one of those days when you look at the date and think ‘holy shit, how did that happen’ – I mean it is already the first day of the 8 month!!! I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this feeling right now….who’s with me???


Every day I talk to people about their goals, what it is they want to achieve, when they want to achieve it by, and how they are going to get there – and every year no matter what I always find that this is the time of year people freak out. We reach a point where we have an oh f*** moment (like I did this morning), and we wonder what it is we have actually achieved. This feeling can either make us go downhill really fast as we think f*** it I will start again next year, it is already too late to make changes (if this is you cut that negative crap right this instant because I am looking for sparring partners and I will be happy to knock that crap out of your mouth), or it gives us the massive kick up the ass we need and we turn everything around.

Even though 7 months of 2017 have already flashed past us, we still have a whole 5 months left to make this best freaking year yet. I know, I know….7 months have just flashed by, so 5 months really doesn’t feel like a long time, BUT IT IS! We still have 153 days in 2017, and that is enough time for me to turn a year older so it is definitely enough time to smash out a big goal.

The key to making the next 5 months (153 days) really mean something is to set a big goal that you are extremely passionate about and focus on that. Stop trying to do too much! Stop trying to be everything to everyone, and start making moves for yourself (this is not being selfish, this is your god damn right). No matter what your goal is, it could be career related, health and fitness, travel, absolutely anything you love, make sure you know why you want to achieve it. Make an action plan and start doing something towards achieving it every day.

What are you going to do to make the next 5 months count?



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